Tuesday 21 May 2013

Episode 29 - Horse Argumentz (FEAT. NON FROM SHADOWHUNTAZ)

All the GCP boyz are here and we're talkin cereal, new 3DS games, Shinji mikami, Gadzuki, Animal Crossing, Nintendo E3 plans (confirmed here 100% on GCP), Fire Pro Wrestling, Castlevania Mirrors of Fate, Bioshock, Zac plays Sims 2, Bryan's Coachella stories, Shrek Shadow fanfic Part 2, and FEATURED INTERVIEW WITH SPECIAL MUSICAL GUEST NON GENETIC FROM SHADOWHUNTAZ!!! Non talks Shadowhuntaz, coming up in hip hop, Japan, Turbografx16, will.i.am, glorious American lifestyle, Rogue, videogames through the ages, computers vs pussy, PS1 horse game trifles, Tecmo Bowl, KRS One, WITH KILLER NEW TRACKS!!

Episode 29 - Horse Argumentz (FEAT. NON FROM SHADOWHUNTAZ)

Sunday 12 May 2013

GCP Martin Mini(MAXI) Special #3 (Svenska no Bouken)

It's the GCP Zelda Special!! Martin is joined by his friend and fellow svenskaman Mattias - Martin and Mattias muse over EVERY Zelda game from past til present, covering timelines, collector's editions, memories and more. My boy, this special brings more fanservice than 1,000 kings' dinners. Featuring awesome Skyward Sword remix by Code/Piecez!!

GCP Martin Mini(MAXI) Special #3 - Svenska no Bouken