Monday, 21 December 2015

Episode 50 - Dog Day Spa

"RE: Gaming Cult Podcast Ep:50

Hi Jake,

Thanks for actioning that and shooting across this email. It's crucial that we get these episodes out. As people, and as a brand, these podcasts are our unique selling point. I appreciate your effort in putting this together. Congratulations chief, you just made the December Monthly All Star Highlight email!

Here's to another 4 years of killer 'casts,  good times and valuable merchandising.

Stay gold big guy,
Zac Innes
Hollywood Superstar."

Episode 50 - Dog Day Spa <<<<<<<<<

Friday, 21 August 2015

Monday, 16 March 2015

Genre Cult Episode 10 - Mahraganat

Hit the streets of Cairo with Eugene and Alex as Genre Cult looks into Mahraganat. Auto-Tuned Arabic gangsta rap with a comedic flair. This music has been becoming more and more popular in Egypt over the last few years. Listen as the boys fumble over pronunciations and lack of understanding the Arabic lyrical content, but also talk to Mahraganat producer and MC Michael from Tamer + Michael (with some Skype gremlins messing up the quality a little).

Genre Cult Episode 10 - Mahraganat

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Episode 47 - Frozen Midwife

Jake Innes, Garrett Hunter, Eric Baudour and Ruby Innes bring back that GCP you viewers love so much. Here we are and here we go!! Let's talk about our top video games of 2014, top music of 2014, let's talk about weirdos on Tumblr, let's talk about bizarre Frozen browser games. Let's talk about a few more things!  Gaming Cult's back. GG. Featuring music from SNAPPY JIT!!!

Episode 47 - Frozen Midwife <<<<<<

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Genre Cult Episode 9 - Top Trax 2014

Eugene, Alex and Jake are here. 2014 - a year for dope trax? Yes, mos def... Join the boys as we go thru our favs of the past year. Also featuring guest lists from Traxman and Velatix. Woo and Sophia too. It's Genre Cult.

Genre Cult Episode 9 - Top Trax 2014 <<<<<<<<

Monday, 5 January 2015

Genre Cult Episode 8 - Gqom

What happens when Molly becomes the drug of choice amongst South African club kids? Gqom happens. The Genre Cult boys Eugene and Alex return from hiatus to look at this strange, progressive, dark and percussive dance music. Alex has a chat to South African producer Jumping Back Slash about how this music inspires his production and how cool is.

Genre Cult Episode 8 - Gqom <<<<<<