Sunday 22 June 2014

Genre Cult Episode 5 - Gorge

Birthed deep in the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal; Gorge is an
electronic music genre inspired by rock climbing. Championed now by
Japanese Artist Hanali it is an organic cacophony of percussion and
noise. This month Genre Cult looks deep into the Mystery of Gorge
joined by Guest Matt Watson (aka Other Places) who has toured and
collaborated with Hanali. Say Gorge. Don't Say Art.

Genre Cult Episode 5 - Gorge <<<<<<

Wednesday 18 June 2014

Hand Clinic (E3 2014 Special)

Hey viewers whats up, you good? Here's the GCP E3 2014 special. Zac broke his hand and talks about how he caused chaos in several hospitals. We also talk about Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo's press conferences. THANKS xx  Featured music from MELT UNIT!!!

Hand Clinic (E3 2014 Special) <<<<<<<<

Wednesday 11 June 2014

Episode 42 - Ryan and Cody Ruin The Show

We're back. Jake's here. So is Ruby, along with Ryan and Cody aaand nope, that's it. What? This episode is total mayhem the way that only GCP serves it. Also featuring interview with special guest Petros Ioannou from My Life As a Video Game!!! Definitely up there as the most bizarre Gaming Cult to date. No matter what, let the games begin.

Episode 42 - Ryan and Cody Ruin The Show <<<<<<<<<<