Friday 18 September 2020

Episode 63 - Nutt Glove

Episode 63 is here.  Some say it couldn't be done, but it was done.

The GCP extended universe has awoken, let's open the door to our ears and come have a view of a new podcast.

Zac has an epic boat moment, Ruby goes for a poo at some point, Jake catches up with Hideo Kojima to discuss the music of Death Stranding 2. PS5?
Martin is from Sweden, or is he? Dr. Ryan has his trophies and medical license revoked, but why?
Crystal reveals which X-man has the most powerful nipples, and we join Garrett and Eric to learn 6 astounding yeasty facts in The Vegemite Minute. Featured music by B. Ames! She's brought new heat along with the Icon Sinia Ala├»a, JoJo ClubKid, Y2K and Revolver! Art by Stu "The Unsung Zero" Lowe 

Episode 63 - Nut Glove <<<<<<<<<<