Friday 14 November 2014

Episode 45 - Dead Dogs in the Arcade

What... everyone's in the same room???? omg...  GCP crew goes in on this one from San Diego, California. We talk about travels, games and weird dog dreams. We're also joined by Dr Ryan from Ride or Die and artist Emily Irwin. Featuring NEW tracks from TEKLIFE's NEXTLIFE album OUT NOW on HYPERDUB!!!!

Episode 45 - Dead Dogs in the Arcade <<<<<<<<<

Saturday 25 October 2014


The GCP boys may be on the loose all over the world but do you think that can stop us from making a EXCLUSIVE HOT ANNOUNCEMENT from the Final Fantasy Man Yoshi P. We leave you with this, and we will see you rude boys and rude girls soon with some more GCP good shit.

Friday 19 September 2014

Episode 44 - hi Lisa

heyyy we talk about videogames in this one viewers what u think about that? cool!!!!! P.T, FFXIV, another vidgame. This is a good one. Featured music from SpaceyONIT!!!

Episode 44 - hi Lisa <<<<<<<<<<

Wednesday 20 August 2014

Genre Cult Episode 7 - Bassline

Bassline s'orrite n'that innit. The sound of the north: Bassline,
Niche, 4x4 is what the Genre Cult lads look into this month. From its
early beginnings in speed garage, to the happy organ pop that hit the
charts, Eugene and Alex look at it all. Including interviews with
Northern Line Records creator, producer DJ Paleface, and the
producer of the forthcoming Drop: The Story of Bassline documentary.

Genre Cult Episode 7 - Bassline <<<<<<

Sunday 13 July 2014

GCP Presents: Gaming Cult Podcast Episode 1 - Red Dead Redemption (Online Gangz)

Gaming Cult Podcast is proud to present the first episode of Gaming Cult Podcast. This is the first episode. Eric's here. So is Kevin. Kevin? Kevin who? You know, Kevin Kevin... We hope you enjoy our first episode. This is the New 52.

GCP Presents: Gaming Cult Podcast Episode 1 - Red Dead Redemption (Online Gangz) <<<<<<

Genre Cult Episode 6 - Trax Deductible 2014

Get your Trax returns in. Recorded live at Melbourne's best bar Forgotten Worlds, this End of Financial Year special of Genre Cult features Alex, Eugene and Gaming Cult's Jake Innes talking about their favourite trax of the first half of 2014. Including guest picks from TOM CREW's Foxy, Club ESC bros Air Max '97 and Aspartame as well as Grime local legend Strict Face.

Genre Cult Ep6 - Trax Deductible 2014 <<<<<

Sunday 22 June 2014

Genre Cult Episode 5 - Gorge

Birthed deep in the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal; Gorge is an
electronic music genre inspired by rock climbing. Championed now by
Japanese Artist Hanali it is an organic cacophony of percussion and
noise. This month Genre Cult looks deep into the Mystery of Gorge
joined by Guest Matt Watson (aka Other Places) who has toured and
collaborated with Hanali. Say Gorge. Don't Say Art.

Genre Cult Episode 5 - Gorge <<<<<<

Wednesday 18 June 2014

Hand Clinic (E3 2014 Special)

Hey viewers whats up, you good? Here's the GCP E3 2014 special. Zac broke his hand and talks about how he caused chaos in several hospitals. We also talk about Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo's press conferences. THANKS xx  Featured music from MELT UNIT!!!

Hand Clinic (E3 2014 Special) <<<<<<<<

Wednesday 11 June 2014

Episode 42 - Ryan and Cody Ruin The Show

We're back. Jake's here. So is Ruby, along with Ryan and Cody aaand nope, that's it. What? This episode is total mayhem the way that only GCP serves it. Also featuring interview with special guest Petros Ioannou from My Life As a Video Game!!! Definitely up there as the most bizarre Gaming Cult to date. No matter what, let the games begin.

Episode 42 - Ryan and Cody Ruin The Show <<<<<<<<<<

Wednesday 21 May 2014


TOMCREW CEO and Internet Expert DJ FOXY delivers a killer mix of Icy CUNT, flirting around with the concept of Future Grime and its place in modern club music. The most internet... The most future... 8bar Grime X 8bar Vogue X  Yung sweet Fox… BIG MIX!!!

Tuesday 13 May 2014

Genre Cult Episode 4 - Grime

Garage. I don't care about garage. Listen to this, it don't sound like
garage. Who told you that I make garage? This is the Grime episode of
Genre Cult, not Garage. Giving respects to the lords of Bow this month
the Genre Cult boys delve into the icy world of instrumental Grime.
Talking to new up and coming producer Strict Face from Adelaide, as
well as one of the most well regarded Grime DJs worldwide, DJ Sir Spyro
from Rinse FM's weekly Grime Show. Hold Tight, Keep it Locked.

Genre Cult Episode 4 - Grime <<<<<<<

Friday 9 May 2014

Genre Cult 3.5 - Make Skweee Not War Mix

A short selection of some of the finest Skweee music from one of the world's biggest Scandinavian wonk fans, curator of the RSVP Tapes label, and essentially a guy with impeccable taste - Mr. Radio Skotvoid!!

Genre Cult 3.5 - Make Skweee Not War Mix <<<<<

Monday 21 April 2014

Gaming Cult Trax Vol. 1 OUT NOW!!!

We've been putting this together for a while now and it's finally here!!
Love/respect to all the artists that contributed to this compilation.
Put together by the fine folks at Gaming Cult.

THIS COMPILATION IS FREE!! All money from those who donate will be used to keep this comp up and going! Thanks for the support - Jake

Please do check out Gaming Cult Podcast and all our other shows!!

All enquiries / demos send to

Look for more releases on CULT TRAX soon!

Sonic The Hedgehog Copyright SEGA
Ryo Hazuki/Shenmue Copyright Yu Suzuki/SEGA

Friday 18 April 2014

Episode 41 - Murder She Won't

Angela Lansbury is hot.... also Sonic goes to the Zoo and maybe gets a kiss from Katy Perry. This is a gaming podcast. Featured music from B. Ames and Air Max '97.

Twitter: @gamingcultcast

Episode 41 - Murder She Won't <<<<<<<

Sunday 13 April 2014

Genre Cult Episode 3 - Skweee

This month the Genre Cult boys are joined by special guest Heikki from
Finland (aka DKSTR) to talk about the Scandinavian corn flake RnB that
is Skweee. Along the way we here from Alex's Mum, the man who coined
the Genre - Daniel Savio. As well as Mesak, one of the curators of
legendary skweee label Harmönia Records. Salmiakkikossu life eternal.

Twitter: @genrecult

Genre Cult Episode 3 - Skweee <<<<<

Wednesday 26 March 2014

Episode 40 - Black Hog Down

What is going on in this episode... some kind of Cat Dimension corruption.  We flex on them games, this I know... We also talk about Room801 convention and feature more tracks from the upcoming Gaming Cult Trax Vol. 1 !!! Featuring exclusive tracks from DJ Innes and more importantly D.J.Fulltono from Booty Tune Japan!!!

Episode 40 - Black Hog Down <<<<<

Wednesday 19 March 2014

Genre Cult 2.5 - Vaporwave mix (Simulated Listening Party)

Welcome to the party we hope you enjoy your time. Please pay close
attention to the textures generated by our custom AI designed to
provide the ideal environment for maximum productivity and sense of
self worth. You are a beautiful array of well designed polygons. I
love you angel please don't go I died in your arms tonight there is
nobody here.

Genre Cult 2.5 - Vaporwave mix (Simulated Listening Party <<<< 

Thursday 13 March 2014

Gaming Cult Presents: Hatoful Boyfriend

Jake and Zac Innes present a live playthrough of legendary bird dating sim Hatoful Boyfriend, live at Room 801 Convention 2014 in Sydney, Australia. A huge thank you to the crew at Room 801 convention for having us!! It was amazing to do this in a packed room of people!!

More big things coming from Gaming Cult very soon!!

Thursday 27 February 2014

Genre Cult Episode 2 - Vaporwave

Welcome to the Virtual Plaza. Genre Cult boyz Alex and Eugene go deep into a Second Life-rendered Dubai Mall to talk about Vaporwave. Along the way they are joined by writer Adam Harper (Dummy Mag, Wire, Electronic Beats) and New Zealand-based producer Eyeliner. Oh and Alex's mum.

Twitter: @genrecult

Genre Cult Episode 2 - Vaporwave <<<<<

Tuesday 18 February 2014

Episode 39 - Gamer Guys

Listen... if I wanna watch a guy in a fursuit drown in quicksand while Kate Bush plays on my minidisc it's OK because I'm a GUY GAMER. The boys talk about I don't even know what. Special guest Andrew Douglas aka Angimoto joins us too. Check it out!! Also we announce Gaming Cult Trax Vol. 1!!! We even feature an exclusive track from ghetto house legend DJ DEEON!! Also Bryan goes to China, but not now, like a couple years ago. Thank you.

Twitter: @gamingcultcast

Episode 39 - Gamer Guys <<<<<<<

Tuesday 28 January 2014

Genre Cult Episode 1 - Launch Night

Genre Cult boyz Alex Yabsley and Eugene Davoren-Britton set it off right with a live recorded first episode! Jake Innes joins them live at The Public Bar in Melbourne with a live audience as they go through their favourite tracks of 2013!! Various frivolities and heckling ensue, but most of all a bunch of great music!

Full Show Notes / Track Listing at

Twitter: @genrecult
Look for this and future episodes in your Gaming Cult iTunes feed!!

Sunday 5 January 2014



GENRE CULT - A new show brought to you by Alex and Eugene from Melbourne.
A podcast about electronic and bass music subgenres, packed with dope music and what's going on.

Some words from our bad boys:

"Electronic music subgenres are intriguingly and sometimes hilariously being created and destroyed on the internet at an exponentially fast rate.. Genre Cult Podcast aims to document and worship these musical movements."

Look for it in your feeds and subscriptions soon - Brought to you by the Gaming Cult Network.

The first episode wil be recorded LIVE at a Launch Party held on January 17 in Melbourne at Public Bar, 238 Victoria Street, North Melbourne. $10 entry. Come on down from 8:30pm for a great line-up of DJs and acts!! 

Jake Innes will be there too MCing the night.

Here's the Facebook event for the gig.

Follow the Genre Cult boys on Twitter @genrecult and on Tumblr