Saturday, 29 December 2018

Episode 58 - Anthony Hawk Pro Skater (No More Episodes 2018 Edition)

My viewers.... Are we back? No? Ok cool. Dr Ryan’s here, some Innes too. Have some good GCP from us to u??
Love u.

Gaming Cult Podcast Ep 58 - Anthony Hawk Pro Skater (No More Episodes 2018 Edition) <<<<

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Episode 57 - Sonic The Hedgehog

gambing cul bodcast ganing colt padcast gaining cold bodnast games games games games GAMES hams hams hams hams Roaming around at the speed of sound, got places to go gotta FOLLOW MY RAINBOW

Episode 57 - Sonic The Hedgehog <<<<<

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Episode 56 - Cyber Ghost

I've been everywhere, man
Looking for someone
Someone who can please me
Love me all night long
I've been everywhere, man
Looking for you babe
Looking for you babe
Searching for you babe
Where have you been?
'Cause I never see you out
Are you hiding from me, yeah?
Somewhere in the croooowd

Also fanfic... Mario and Sonic go to Coachella. videogames.

Episode 56 - Cyber Ghost <<<<<<<

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Episode 55 - Dear Videogame

hey its ruby! its me, ruby innes, im the girl! this episode we have me and my brothers! their names are jake and zac, and they love video games! its just Me and My Bros, a Family Fun Time where you can bring your family, its fun, we're having a good time and i'm here with my family, jake and zac, who are my brothers, and we're all family here. also video games?

Episode 55 - Dear Videogame <<<<<<<<<<

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Episode 54 - EEE2016

The Electronic Expo is a place where some video games have been announced this year and maybe we'll talk about it. We might also just talk about Habbo Hotel and Gaia Online instead. How do it know.

Episode 54 - EEE2016 <<<<<<

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Episode 53 - Backfrackers At Fuddruckers

This episode we got plenty of transmission from the Cat Dimenion from Jake, Zac, Garrett, Bryan, Eric and Cody. Talks of Solarcore, Shannon Noll, a little bit of videogames such as DOA Extreme and probably other games too WHO EVEN KNOWS....GCP will eat your spare change thank you. Also a new track from TEKLIFE's DJ Phil & DJ Manny. This is a good one, viewers. We got everything for you. Zac might even touch a hot stove.

Episode 53 - Backfrackers at Fuddruckers <<<<<<<<<

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Episode 52 - This is Episode Fifty-Two

Wow New Gaming Cult Podcast Episode 52 is here! Fan Fiction Theater is back! There's Part 3 of The Great Gaben and also special guest Josh Grilli. No homo, but you should really listen to this episode. Love u. It's videogames.

Episode 52 - This is Episode Fifty-Two <<<<<<<<<< 

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Episode 51 - Finding Durry

Welcome to New Gaming Cult Podcast! It's here and it's brand new, viewers! What do ya think? Can you believe it! Just about the whole darn gang is here and boy oh boy are we gonna talk about some video games. Let's do this. It's New Gaming Cult Podcast!

New Gaming Cult Podcast Episode 51 - Finding Durry <<<<<<