Tuesday 19 February 2013

Episode 25 - Donken (FEAT. SSJ AND MUSIC FROM LIL B!!!!! TYBG!!)

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Those GCP boys are joined by Xavier Rubetzki Noonan and Tom Sanderson from Something Something Joystick!! We talk the lamentation of Rayman Legumes, bad videogame cartoon series, bootleg toys, Pax Aus 2013, "Maccas", Kid Pix for Macintosh, DOS games, dolphin fantasyz, Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses, Psychonauts, Shadow/Shrek fanfic by Bryan and Jake, Tales from Shit Mountain, Surgeon Simulator 2013 review by Zac, Ni No Kuni and RARE FEATURED MUSIC FROM LIL B THE BASEDGOD!!! TYBG!!!!!!